“The Curious One”


So I was hooking up with this one guy off and on and one day he tells me he wanted to try a threesome with another guy. He tells me that he wants the guy to peg him but there’s a catch. He wants a guy who has never pegged a guy before and wants me to find him. I tell him okay but that might be hard to find a guy who wants to peg another guy but has yet to do so. He begs me to find a guy so I tell him okay and give me a week. I don’t judge and I kinda wanted to see how this would play out.
I go through my contacts and message a guy that might be up to it and the guy says okay as long as he gets to fuck me as well. I agree and tell Curious One to meet at my place at 7pm. He tells me that he wants to meet with me first before the guy comes over so he’ll be at my place at 6pm.
He arrives and we sit on my couch and he starts shooting off questions. “So how big is this guy?” I ask “you mean cock size?” “Yeah” ” he’s about the same size you are, average” ” is he good looking?” “Does it matter he’s going to be behind you” I joke. “One thing though he also wants to be with me” he goes silent then turns to me and says. “So we get to dp you?” “Hold up I didn’t agree to that.” “But that’s what happens in porn” I explain to him that we are playing out his fantasy of being pegged by a guy and that I didn’t want my body to be torn up and stretched out. He becomes upset and stands up and starts to yell at me saying that I’m being unreasonable and in porn both guys do the girl. He even calls me a liar and a tease. I tell him he should leave if he is going to change the game up because he’s scared. He yells fine and storms out.
When he leaves I call my best friend Dayna and tell her what’s going on while I text the other guy to say it’s off. As I’m doing this Curious texts me that it’s over between us and he was deleting me. I ignored his text and tell Dayna what he said via text. Not even 30 seconds later he sends another text ” I can’t believe you, I thought you were cool and down and you just ruined my entire day. ” once again I ignore. Dayna and I have a good laugh about it. The second guy responds ” it’s cool can I still come over and kick it with you? ” I tell him okay and I get another text from Curious “okay I’m sorry can I come back and do this with you? ” Dayna and I bust out laughing as I read the text


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