“The Medic”

The medic was only my second sexual encounter. I have met him in my college Years while my friends and I or walking down by the beach. He had the most beautiful blue eyes. After splashing around in the ocean for a bit, my friends and I invited him and his Buddy’s back to my room. He and I sat on the couch facing each other and to my surprise he was a very good kisser. His lips were so full and soft and he caressed my breast as we kissed. He leaned me back onto the couch and mounted me thrusting his hard cock into my wet waiting pussy. I run my hands up and down his well-toned chest as our kisses became deeper. He leans back and sits up and takes off his shirt then unbuttons his jeans and let his rock hard cock flop out. I lick my lips in anticipation. I pull my dress up over my head and expose my huge breast. I leaned forward as he leans back and touch the tip of his cock with my lips. I cupped his balls with my left hand and with my right I put it at the base of his shaft. I firmly wrap my lips around his cock and slowly move to the base, he tilts his head backwards and let’s a moan escape from his lips. I move my lips up and down his shaft and as I reach the tip each time I swirl my tongue around it. He places his hand on the back of my head and pushes me up and down his shaft in rhythm of my movement. When he can’t take no more he pulls me off of him. I recline back onto the couch and pull off my panties as he fumbles to get his jeans off. He reaches in one of the pockets and pulls out a condom and flops his body onto mine. He tears open the condom with his teeth and puts it on while taking my nipple into his mouth and sucking on it hard. As he grabs his cock to enter me he puts his head near my ear and Whispers to me itsy bitsy spider. Before I can even react he slams his cock deep and hard into me which causes me to moan and scream loudly. I gripped the side of the couch with my right hand and sink my claws from my left hand into his back. He must have thought that I was very experienced because his thrusting became harder and deeper and faster. Even though I was in pain, the pain felt good and I move my pelvic into the rhythm of his. He started kissing me again, deeper and more passionately as he kept thrusting into me. My pussy was so wet. My wetness was all over the place, on him, on Me, on the couch. He releases my lips and his mouth moves back to my nipples sucking on them hard and he grabs my other breast with his hand and squeezes. With every thrust my moans became louder and deeper. He finally comes and like a log he just rest on my chest.


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