“The Muscle”

They called him “The Muscle” he tells me,  which makes me giggle. He was only a few inches taller them me,  very tanned, muscular and Russian.  Not at all my type.  He asks me if I have ever been on a motorcycle and I reply no.  “Then tonight I’ll swing by and take you for a ride” I agree unaware how this ride would end up.  Later that night he swings by just after dawn in jeans and a leather jacket.  I was dressed in a button up shirt and a loose fitting skirt.  He tells me to jump on behind him and wrap my arms firmly around his waist.  He also tells me that when he makes a tien that I should lean on that direction.  “Okay you ready to go sexy? ” “I am”. We set off into the night.  The cold wind stinking my skin.  I really should have rethought my outfit.  We rode for about an hour before we stopped. He gets off the bike and helps me off. “You alright? ” he asks.  “I’m great” I shyly say. “Should we had back to your place sexy? ” I nod and he kisses me lightly on the cheek before we get back on the bike and head back to my place.  When we get back he begins in his backpack and pulls out a VHS. To my surprise it’s porn. He asks if he can put it on.  I tell him okay and sit on the couch.  He pops out on and sits next to me.  He must have had it qued up to his favorite part because it was of a woman getting fucked in her ass. He puts his hands between my thighs caressing them and starts to kiss me. His hand moves upward towards my already wet pussy.  He sticks two fingers inside me and my legs spread open.  He unbuttons my top with the other hand and pulls down my bra exposing my breasts.  He takes my large breast in his mouth and sucks on it lightly.  I arch my back and moan softly.  His fingers are moving faster now in and out of my soaking wet pussy. Suddenly he stops and stands.  He stretches a hand out to me. “Let’s take this to the bedroom.” I take his hand and he leads the way.  He sits me on the bed and undresses. His cock hard as a rock.  He pulls off my panties and skirt then commands that I turn over and get on my hands and knees.  I do as commanded.  He spreads my legs farther apart and starts to kiss my inner thighs,  first the left then the right all the while caressing and smacking my ass. Further up he moves and stops at my anus. He rubs it lightly with his thumb then he starts to lick and suck it. I’m startled at this and jerk away but he holds tight to my ass abs hold me still.  He continues eating my ass like it was the last supper. He stops and says,  ” baby take a dump in my mouth” I couldn’t believe what he just said,  did I hear him right?  I tien and look at him and say, ” I really don’t have to go right now” “that’s okay sexy,  next time.” He flips me over and to my surprise his cock is even harder.  He spreads my legs wider and enters me hard,  pounding me deep and fast. Harder and faster he pounds me and just before he cums he pulls out and tell me to take him in my mouth.  I do so drinking every last drop off him



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