“The First”


It’s the week of my high school graduation and I made up my mind that I will have my first sexual experience before I head off to college.  I was with my girlfriends and we headed off to a hotel party.  When we got there the room was dark,  music was playing and I had no clue who any of the guys were.  They guys were passing around a bottle of tequila. When it got to me I tilted back my head and took a big gulp,  I needed some help with encouragement.  My friends went off with selective guys and I just say at the table near the window. I had a few more sips from the bottle and was feeling really good.  It wasn’t long till a guy approached me.  He was not at all my type.  He was only a few inches taller than I was,  dark skinned but I was on a mission.  “Hey you wanna go for a walk? ” I looked up at him my vision blurred and said,  ” why the hell not.” He took me by the hand and led me out of the room.  We walked down the stairs and to the back side of the building. I could hear the ocean crashing on the rocks.  The smell of the ocean always made me feel free.  It seemed like we were walking forever and he finally stops.  He looked around him to make sure no one was around and plopped me on the rock wall.  He began to kiss me and squeeze Mt breasts.  Then he spreads my legs apart and stood between them.  Still kissing me he put his hands unset my dress and massaged my thighs.  I placed my hands on his shoulders not knowing what to do with them.  Slowly his right hand moved towards my pussy, rubbing my clit through my panties. It felt so good and a rush of wetness escaped from within me.  With his left hand he pulled my panties aside and inserted two fingers from his right hand into me.  “Mmmm nice and wet like a good girl” he jabbed his fingers in and out of me.  It felt so good my entire body started shaking with excitement.  “You like that huh?” “Yes, ” I replied a little out of breath.  I did like it.  My breathing became eradic. He moved closer to me and looked around once again making sure that no one was around.  He penetrated my pussy faster with his fingers and I tilt my head back and moan.  “Get ready for captain sticky” he tells me.  He pulls his fingers out of my,  helps me down from the wall and turns me around.  He unzips and has me bend over.  As soon as I do this I feel him pull my panties aside and slam his cock deep and hard into me.  My body stiffens from the sharp pain.  I close my eyes and keep telling myself it will be over soon.  He isn’t easy on me.  He thrusts deep and hard into me.  Faster and faster he goes,  holding tight onto my hips.  Every few thrusts he goes even deeper.  Now I don’t know if it was the tequila or that I went numb from the pain but I felt nothing.  I just took it and gazed out into the ocean.  “I can tell you like to fuck girl” “Yea” was the only thing I could say. This was my first time I was utterly clueless.  He kept pounding away in me till he came.  He pulls out of me, zips up, turns me around and grabs my hand.  We walk swiftly back to the room.  On the way back he tells me we should hook up again and gives me his number.  He even makes me recite it back to him.  At the hotel room door he gives me one last kiss and tells me again to call him.  I say okay and walk into the room.


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