“The Marine”

When we first met he was in a military hospital getting treated for alcohol abuse.  He seemed harmless enough,  but then again they always do.  He was perfect tall, athletic with blue eyes. We were introduced and he held out his hand to shake mine.  As our hands touched I felt me knees go weak. I looked deep into his shy blue eyes and went into a trance.  I was there with a few girlfriends because one of their boyfriends was also getting treated.  As a group we all go down the the burger King to grab something to eat.  He sat across from me.  I thought to myself perfect.  I tried to keep it cool and act normal but I could feel the wetness leaking out of me every time he spoke.  His voice was a little deep and so dreamy. I felt like a teenager,  I was sure he saw me blushing every time he spoke or even looked in my direction. The guys offered to give us a tour of the hospital so we finished up our food. My friend and her boyfriend led the way, the marine and one of the other guys and my other friend right behind them. I was in the very back,  perfect view of his nice tight ass.  They first show is the common room where everyone chills. Then the room where they have their private sessions with the doctor.  Next they show us an outside area where they like to chill.  We all sit down and and chill.  My friends with their guys and me and him sitting across from each other.  We all made small talk. My friends ask to use the bathroom and the two guys get up to show them where it’s at leaving me abs the marine alone.  I look behind me and see some glass doors and ask him what are those.  “Just bedrooms” “can we go in there?” “Sure” he replies.  So wet stand up and enter the room.  The room was dark with two roles of beds.  I walk down the middle of the beds and he plops down on one. I stop and turn to him.  He pats the next inviting me to sit next to him.  I was taken aback by this. The biggest smile formed in my face and I started to blush.  “You’re really sexy when you blush” he said “so you gonna sit next to me? ” I rush over and sit on the bed next to him. He puts his hand on my thigh and runs it up and down.  The butterflies form in my stomach. I blush and he leans in for a kiss.  I let my lips become one with his.  I wrap my arms around his neck and push him down onto the bed and get on top of him.  I move my pelvis in an upward and downward motion over his growing cock.  His hands are firmly grabbing my ass assisting me in my movement. My pussy starts to get wetter as I feel his cock getting hard. I moan into his mouth then release my lips from his and pull his shirt up and take his right nipple into my mouth and suck hard.  His hands grip my ass harder and he pushes himself deeper into me.  My lips move from his nipple to the middle of his rock hard chest kissing and licking lightly.  I keep moving downwards.  I stop at his belly button and swirl my tongue around it.  I pull down his sweat pants exposing his rock hard cock.  I grab his cock with my right hand and gently lick his inner thigh then moving to his balls and take it all in my mouth.  He moans.  I stroke his cock as I move to his other thigh, teasing him.  I know he wants me to take his cock in my mouth. I hear his breathing getting quicker and I finally give him what he wants.  I suck on the tip of his cock swirling my tongue around it my hand firmly around the base.  Slowly I move downward, sucking hard.  He pushes his pelvis upward wanting me to take all of him into my mouth.  I release my hand and do so taking all of him deep into my mouth.  Up and down his cock my lips move from top to base. He grabs the back of my head and helps me along. When I get to his base he holds my head there for a few seconds and pushes his pelvis up so he can be deeper. “Awe dick this feels so good” he moans.  We continue this for a few more minutes and he asks me to ride his cock.  I take off my pants and climb on top. I tease my clit with his cock for a bit before I insert him in.  A slight rush of pain I feel as he is fully in me makes me moan. I rock beck and forth up and down on his hard cock.  I increase my speed.  He firmly grabs my hips and moves me faster. I sink my nails into his chest and I rock my hips.  He pushes his cock deeper into me and I squeeze my pussy tight around his cock.  Faster and faster I go till I explode all on his cock.  He begs me not to stop because he’s almost there as well.  “Where do you want me to cum baby” “in my mouth” I say. “Mmmmm so dirty” he tells me.  It doesn’t take long before he tells me to jump off.  I take his cock back into my mouth sucking every last drop off his cum mixed with mine.  The taste of the two of us excites me as it fills my mouth. 



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