“The Cryer”

  • Like so many other people I patrol the online dating sites.  Most of the time I just talk to guys and never meet up with them.  Usually it’s because the guys are flakes or they are getting their cat fish on.  So I’m taking to this one guy and things seem going good.  He passed all my usual tests, verified with a snapshot of what he actually looks like,  video conformation etc. So he tells me he really wants to meet and fuck.  I talk with him for a week longer just to make sure he is real and decide to do it.  My usual guys seem to be too busy for me at the moment. He seemed like a very intelligent guy.  He tells me about how he blogs about the struggles of life, he’s into technology and that he is trying to get back into that field.  Seems like he’s on track right?   The day before he comes over he tells me that he doesn’t have a car and that he would have to bus it to my place. Why do these guys always wait to the last minute?  Now I was not about to drive to where ever the hell be was to pick him up so I day enjoy the bus ride.  (Side note: I have learned when they say this it’s best to end it right then and there.) He arrives about 10 minutes late which I over look since he is busing it.  He walks up to my place with a large duffle bag. What the fuck I think to myself.  I’m dressed in my wonder woman tank and short shorts. I let him in. He gives me a hug that was a little too feminine. (Red flag number 2). So we sit in my living room on my couch facing each other and he compliments my house. He tells me that it has a real home feel (red flag 3). I just smile and say thanks. He then tells me that he’s really into pleasing a woman.  That a woman needs should always come first and then asks me if I would line to cuddle.  I tell him no that we should just very to fucking.  I guess this surprised him because his brown eyes got big and he was at a lost for words. He stutters “um here? Or should we move to the bedroom? ” I respond with “why don’t we start here and make our way to the bedroom” I guess he has never had a woman take control before. I push him back up against the arm of my coich and unzip his jeans and take his cock inton my mouth. I take him deep and suck hard.  He lets out a girly moan.  I ignore him figuring that I took him by surprise (red flag 4). His body begins to tense up and shake and he kept repeating “oh my god” over and over. I keep working his cock, taking it deep,  swirling my tongue every time I hit the tip, sucking hard. He pulls me off of him which shocks me.  He then tells me let’s go to your bedroom.  So I get up and lead the way.  He grabs my ass a few times and moans each time he does it.  I open the door to my room and enter, he eagerly enters behind me. I turn to him and fully undress him and push him onto my bed.  As he gazes at me I undress myself then get down on my knees infront  of him spread his legs abs take his cock back into my mouth.  Again he goes off with his oh my god. It makes me giggle. I increase my speed going faster up and down his cock and his body starts to shake.  “Wait wait,  please stop he tells me. ” I release him from my mouth and look up at him.  ” everything okay? ” I ask.  “Yes I just want to please you.” “Okay” I reply and get on the bed next to him.  He starts to kiss me and  firmly squeezes my breasts.  Then his left had moves down my body and he rubs my swollen clit with his index finger. My pussy starts to clench and wetness leaks out.  He inserts three fingers into my sopping wet hole.  His mouth moves to my right nipple abs he sucks hard.  I arch my back from the pleasurable pain.  His fingers going deep and hard, penetrating my pussy. I spread my legs wide and thrust up my hips making him go deeper.  He moves his mouth further down my body to my thighs and nibble and suck each side.  He then licks and sucks on my clit. Okay so most guys don’t really know what they are doing when they eat out a girl but this guy was in the right spot and still wasn’t getting it (Red flag 5). I just laid there hoping he would finish and move on.  I guess he sensed my disappointment because he stopped and looked up at me.  “Why don’t you put that cock inside me, ” I suggested.  He smiled and got up.  I reached over and grabbed a condom and handed it to him.  Clumsily he puts it on and without hesitation he enters me. He starts off really well. Chistes cock slowly into me and started penetrating my pussy and a slow manner. Then all of a sudden is thrusting increased in speed and before I knew it he had exploded inside me within 5 minutes. He rolled off me onto the bed next to me and begin Fanning his face with his hands. I looked over to him and he was actually crying. (Red flag 6)  I asked him what was wrong and he replied that he was disappointed that he came so quickly.  I just shook my head,  I couldn’t believe that this was happening.  I got up and got dressed and walked into the living room. After about 10 minutes he comes out fully clothed.  He sat next to me and apologized telling me that next time will be different.  I told him that I had things to do so it was best that he left.  He grabbed his duffle bag and I walked him out.  

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