“The New Freak”

He had been trying to get me to go out with him for about a month, but I was either too tired or had to work.  One night I’m sitting in bed and the new freak messages me wanting to play.  I tell him that I was just too tired.  He then comes back with well I’m just going to the porn theatre.  This peaked my interests and I am him if I could go with him.  I had never been to one and was very curious about it.  I guess you could say it was on my sexual bucket list.  I dress in a maxi haulter dress,  no bra and no panties and wait for him at the gate.  He pulls up in a red sports car,  I jump in and we take off. He looks over to me and tells me that it’s nice to finally meet me and I blush.  He is actually very attractive.  A tall slim ginger, very professional looking. I blush and return the greeting. He doesn’t hasitate to slip his hand down the top of my dress and starts to caress my breast.  ” You have really great tits”, he tells me.  “Thanks” I tell him.  Butterflies form in my stomach,  I can’t believe I’m going to a porn theatre.  He then moves his hand to my already wet and swollen pussy. He sticks two fingers in and rubs my clit with his thumb. I spread my legs wider,  tilt my head back and enjoy being pleasured.  Every so often I catch him talking a glimpse of my enjoyment.  I’m am getting uncontrollably wet now.  He takes his hand out and places it in my mouth. I suck and lick every drop off my juices off his fingers. He then unzips his pants and exposes his rock hard cock to me.  I unbuckle my seat belt and dive right into his crotch,  taking his cock deep into my mouth.  I suck hard as I move up and down his shaft.  Taking every inch of him into my mouth.  He reaches around my backside and places two fingers back into my pussy.  We pleasure each other this way for a good 15 minutes.  We finally get off the highway  abs he tells me that we were almost there.  He tells me that he has wanted to play with me for a very long time.  I ask why and he says that he could tell that I was a freak.  I giggle and we arrive at the theatre.  To my surprise it’s just a regular porn store with two closed off rooms.  We walk up to the cashier and new freak pays the guy behind the counter.  New freak takes my hand and leads me onto the first room.  Here there are several booths with tvs inside.  New freak walks around and finds one he likes.  He enters and tells me to sit on the chair.  He puts and dollar in the slot and starts up the TV.  Of course it’s porn but to the left of me I hear some a noise. As I look over I see a hole,  a glory hole. I quickly get up and tell him I’m not ready for that.  He laughs and leads me out the room and into the next one.  This room is divided into two rooms.  The first half has a large screen TV mounted on the wall and chairs scattered throughout the area.  There are about 8 guys in stiffen parts of the room jerk in off to the video.  Their eyes imediately turn to us.  New freak sits me down on a chair and he sits next to me.  He tells me to forget that those guys are there and starts to kiss me very passionately.  I’m actually a little tense but kids him back.  He wispers relax and slowly pulls down the top of my dress.  I place my arms around his neck and close my eyes. His lips move to my exposed breasts. He cups and squeezes my right breasts and takes my left nipple into his mouth. He sucks hard and a flush of wetness flows out of me.  I open my eyes and notice that everyone was watching us.  I quickly push him away and pull up my top.  He smiles at me and stands up.  He grabs my hand and leado me to the connecting room.  Here there is also a walk tv playing porn, a couch and a few chairs but only one guy in this room,  a harmless old man.  New freak places me facing the TV in back of a row of chairs.  He makes me bend over the chairs and lifts up my dress. He gets on his knees spreads my legs and licks my pussy from behind.  I close my eyes and grip hard onto the chairs.  He runs his tongue from the front of my pussy to the back.  Spreading my lips with his fingers and every so often jabbing his tongue in my hole and sucking on my clit.  I moan loudly. My juices running down my thighs.  He gets up and turns me around and rams his cock into my mouth and I welcome it.  Taking him deep.  He grips the back of my head and guides my mouth back and forth onto his cock.  I suck hard and twirl my tongue around the tip of his cock.  I hear the old man mutter “What a beautiful good girl you are”. New freak pull away from my mouth and turns me back around into the position that I was in.  He takes his cock and buries it deep into my soaking wet pussy.  He places his hands on my hips and pumps his cock deep and hard into me.  I’m moaning even louder now.  Harder and faster he fucks me till he cums.  I quickly turn around and take his cum into my mouth.  When I’m done to my surprise most of the guys from the first area had moved to the area we were in and watched the whole thing.  I hear a door open and a woman shout times up we’re closing.  New freak grabs my hand and as we walk past the onlookers each guy shakes new freaks hand and thanks him for the show. 


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