“The Hot Young Army Stud”

You can never go wrong with a tall thin white boy with blue eyes, the hot young Army stud proved this to be true. At first glance he seems to be just a regular guy. 24, babyfaced, tall  slender, and packing in all the right places. Something tells me that there’s a freak waiting to come out. Our second encounter I asked if he would video me giving him a blowjob and to my surprise he jumped at the chance to make movie Magic so I thought why not push the envelope and take it a little further? I’ve been getting a lot of request for my followers to make a facial video so I thought why not ask the hot young Army stud. He was very eager to oblige. When he came over he had a very big grin on his face he seemed very excited for the day’s events. We walk together into my room. I sit  on the bed while he stands in front of me and I help him undress. His massive cock flops out of his pants, I quickly take a hold of his thick hard monster in my mouth. His cock is so thick that I can feel the corners of my mouth stretch a little but this doesn’t stop me from taking it deep into my mouth. I suck hard as my lips making its way up and down to his shaft. He grabs the back of my head and pushes himself further into my mouth which I  welcome. His cock goes deeper I  open my throat to be filled with his cock. It feels so great filling up my mouth. I keep working his cock up and down savoring every inch of him. I release his cock and move my attention to his cum filled balls. I take it all into my mouth and stroked his cock with my right hand. I don’t want him to cum yet so I stop and lay back.  He bends down and pulls off my shorts and dives deep into my wet swollen pussy. He takes my clit into his mouth and sucks on it gently at first as he places a few fingers into my hungry hole.  He begins to  flicks his tongue on my clit rapidly as his fingers penetrate my pussy faster and faster. I feel tingles all through my body.  I arch my back, close my eyes and let my moans escape my lips. I place my hand on the back of his head and push his face deeper into my sopping wet pussy.  My whole body begins to shake as I climax.  He stands back up and grins down at me knowing that he did a good job. It takes me a few seconds to collect myself and sit back up.  As I do so I see that monster at attention.  Somehow it had gotten even bigger. Like a starving cold I take him back into my mouth. I run my tongue all over his cock while tightening my lips around it.  It doesn’t take long before he signals that he’s about to cum. He pulls out and jerks his cock in the direction of my face. I hand him my phone. He grabs my phone and hits record. He closes his eyes and his monster spits it’s hot delicious cream onto my face. 


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