“The Beast”

Always the gentleman he walks me to the door.  He is the typical infantry army guy,  very athletic with a well chistled chest, strong muscular arms and legs. He marches with his chest puffed out with long comanding strides, chin up,  a force to be wrecken with.   He opened the door and let’s me walk in first.  I turn to him and ask if he wants to come in.  He puts his bald head down and shakes it no. ” I’m dating someone now and I think that we should just be friends”, he said with a sigh.  My heart sinks to the pit of my stomach.  I needed to act fast. I place my hands on his chest and gently rub them up and down his rock hard chest.  I move in closer till our lips are almost touching. “Are you sure?” I move in closer,  my hands around his neck now and my breasts are  pressed up against his chest. I look deep into his eyes and lightly touch his lips with mine.  “Goodbye, thank you for today.” He strongly grips my hips and intensely kisses me.  He pushes through my front door,  into my house. He kisses me hard and deep. We hit the wall and he turns me around.  He roughly pulls up my dress, bends me over and spreads my legs. With one hand he squeezes my ass and I hear him unzip his pants. He takes a fist full of my hair and tugs as he slams his rock hard cock deep inside my dripping wet pussy like the beast that he is.  The pain is so pleasurable. The pain shoots like electricity all through my body. My eyes roll to the back of m head and i sink my nails into the wall infront of me. I scream a loud moan.  He pounds my pussy fast and hard, one hand on my ass one pulling my hair. “You feel so good” the beast grunts out.  The beast stops slowly pulls out and takes my hand then leads me to the bedroom.  He gets fully undressed lays on the bed and motions for me to get ontop of him.  I pull off my dress and do as I’m told. I slowly lower my pussy around his cock and rest my hands on his chest.  I lean forward and plant another kiss on his lips.  He grips my hips and I start to rock hard,  bouncing on his cock. His hands move up towards my breasts and he gives it a gentle squeeze. I lean forward letting my erect nipple into his waiting and wanting mouth. he closes his lips around my nipple and sucks hard, letting the tip of his tongue flick my nipple. I tilt my head back and grind harder. He feels so good inside me.  I keep rocking on his cock slamming down hard, making him go deeper and deeper inside me. His hands explore my entire body, caressing my neck, shoulders, arms, breasts, down to my waist and belly and then finally he rubs my inner thighs. “You are so beautiful and feel so good.” I miss hearing that coming from the beast. He makes me feel beautiful, like a super model fresh off the runway. I have no inecurities when I’m with the beast. I ride faster and harder as I listen to him glorifying my body. I sink my nails into his chest as I feel the start of my orgasam growing. My body tenses up and starts to tingle as I cum hard all over his cock. I scream oh god, yes and collapse on his chest. I look up at him and softly kiss his lips. he gives me a smirky smile and softly tells me that he is not done yet. I slide off and lay on my belly. He grabs me by the waist and props my ass in the air. Once again he takes me forcefully from behind. This time he enters me slowly like he was taking in every sensation of filling me up. He takes his time sliding his cock in and out of my swollen and wet pussy. He gives my ass a stinging smack and I close my eyes and bite my lower lip. I rock back on his cock in rhythm of his thrusting. He grabs my hips and starts to fuck me harder. I feel him grip my hips tightly as we rock in unison. I hear his breathing getting harder and swallower. He grips my hips tighter and in a swift move he pulls out and flips me over. He grabs my ankles and spreads my legs wide apart and enters me. His trusting is hard and deep and for a moment our eyes meet. I place my hands on each side of his face. His gaze is intense andI hear the low rumble of a growl coming from deep in his chest. He is about to cum and cum hard. The growl turns into a ferocious roar as the beast explodes deep inside me. I pull his face close to mine and gently kiss him to soothe my beast.


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