“The Gangsta”

He pulls up in my driveway and texted me that he was here.  I walk out in short shorts and a tank top and stop at the driver side of the car.  He is finishing up a cigarette and rolls the window down more as I approached. I pop my head in and he says “hey sexy” and with his index finger he pulls down my top to gaze upon my large pulp breasts. He smirks and I back out of the window.  He finishes his smoke, rolls up the window, grabs his back pack and gets out of the car. He walks behind me as we enter my place.  He smacks my ass as I head up the cement stairway, which startles me.  I jump and let out a high pitch Screech which makes him giggle. We enter my home and make our way to my bedroom.  I plop myself on the center of my bed and he sits on the right hand corner next to my end table.  He sets down his back pack and unzips it.  He turns to me and says “you don’t mind if I roll a blunt, do you?” The gangsta is a big pot head,  I smile and say “you know the rules no smoking that stuff inside.” He smiles pus his right hand under my chin and pulls my face closer to his. I look deep into his light blue eyes and my heart starts racing.  He kisses me deeply and passionately.  It’s been almost four months since we have seen each other I had forgotten how our lips magically fit together.  My eyes are shut tight as we kiss. He grabs the back of my head with his other hand and kisses me harder and deeper. My entire body starts to tingle,  my nipples get painfully hard and I feel the wetness from between my legs pour out.  I keep my hands beside me digging my nails into the bed.  I give out a low throaty moan and I feel his lips turn into a smile.  He releases me,  my eyes are still closed.  My breathing is swallow and hard.  When I finally open my eyes he’s looking at me smiling.  “Be a good girl and grab me a beer from the fridge.” I do as I am commanded.  When I get up he leans in and takes a bite out of my ass and growls. I jump and giggle and walk out to the kitchen to retrieve his beer. When I come back he has my head table set-up with all his stuff. He is intensely focused on rolling his blunt. I climb onto the bed and and places beer on the end table. He turns to me and gives me a soft sweet kiss in a way to say thank you for being a good girl. I watch him roll his blunt and when he is finished he stands up and holds out his hand and tells me “let’s go have a smoke sexy.” I place my hand in his stand up and he leads me out the bedroom through the living room then through the kitchen and out the back door. He lights up his blunt all ice light up a marlboro menthol. I gazed upon him as he smokes seems so free and relaxed. He starts spouting off about politics but I’m not listening to a word he is saying. I just watch his lips remembering how good it feels between my legs. His voice stops and it takes me out of my trance. I look at him and he has some mischievious smile on his face. He unzips his pants and his big rock hard cock flops out. He motions with his head or need to come closer. I put out my cigarette and walk closer to him. I kiss him on his lips and slowly kneel down in front of him. I take a hold of his thick hard cock with my left hand and run the tip of his cock along my lips. Slowly I open my mouth and let him in.  I softly suck on the tip while looking up at him.  He puts his head back and closes his eyes while taking a puff of his blunt.  I grip my hand firmly on his cock and run it up and down while I suck, just how he likes it. He lets out a moan.  I start to suck harder taking him deeper in my mouth.  His cock grows larger and starts to twitch in my mouth.  He grabs a hold of the back of my head and pushes himself deeper into my mouth. I release my hand from his cock and let it slide down my throat.  Faster and faster he pumps his cock,  fucking my mouth until he is about to cum. He pulls out of my mouth.  The gangsta is not ready to cum yet.  He has more instore for me.  I light another smoke while he puts out his blunt and lights up a camel light. He grabs ahold of the monster and tucks him back in.  We smoke our cigarettes in silence. The gangsta on one side of my back porch, me on the other.  He finishes before I do and asks me if I was ready to go back in.  I nod and follow him back to my bedroom.  When we get there he pushes backwards onto the bed.  My legs are hanging off the side.  He gets down on his knees and aggressively takes off my shorts and dives face first into my soaking wet pussy. He spreads my legs wide and wraps his lips around my hard swollen clit sucking hard.  I grip the sides of my bed tightly. His tongue flicks the tip of my clit, I can feel my juices pour out of me like a flood. He takes three fingers and jam it hard and deep into my pussy, penetrating me. My body starts to convulse with excitement. He looks up at me,  takes a breath and stops. He stands up and undoes his belt.  I look at him,  panting and wanting more. He takes his belt and straps it around my neck then goes back to finish the job.  He pulls on the belt as his fingers work my whole with his other hand and his lips and tongue work my clit.  I grip tighter to the bed and cry out “yes, good yes.” My whole body is shaking out of control.  I cum hard squirting all over his fingers. He releases me,  undoes the belt and climbs onto of me.  He takes off my top and and squeezes both my breasts then he leans forward and sticks on my nipple making sure to pay the same attention to both.  He rolls over onto the bed and undresses. He grabs a magnum condom out of his pants before tossing it off the bed.  Quickly, he puts it on and tells me to get onto for a ride.  Excitingly I rush on top and slide his cock into me.  His monster pierces my pussy as it slides in. It sends a shooting pain through my whole body. I tense up,  close my eyes and bite my lip.  This feels so good.  I rock slowly back and forth on his cock.  He pushes forward and buries his face between my breasts.  “Suffocate me with those big tasty titts,” he commands.  I do as told. He grabs a hold of my hips and gyrates his pelvis so that his cock is penetrating me deep and hard. I  place my hands on the wall behind hand bracing myself, my tits bouncing on his face.  I said straight back up and start moving my hips to his rhythm. We move faster and faster, his cock going deeper inside me with every thrust. “Don’t stop sexy,  don’t stop.” His grab on my hips get tighter. I can fee his body tensing up. He pulls my head forward and intensely kisses me as we rock together in perfect rhythm.  He moans loudly as he explodes inside me and rests his face between my breasts. 


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