Confessions of a Side Chick

Confessions of a Side Chick

     Like every young girl, I dreamt of finding a handsome and successful husband and raising a loving family with him. Who knew my life would take such a dramatic turn. After several bad relationships, countless times of being hurt and sacrifices I’ve made to find love……The Side Chick was born and perfected.  
      When it first started evolving I had no idea that it would become such a large part of my life, that I would learn so much about myself. I would learn how to deal with others in everyday life, how to become a sexual goddess, the things I was willing and able to do and how empowered it made me feel . I have been on both ends of this spectrum the Main Chick and the Side Chick. I always thrived on being the greatest Main Chick but for me that wasn’t a role that I was to play. I know no one likes the Side Chick but sometimes even though your man loves you with all his heart and soul, would never leave you. There’s just that one thing that you can't do for him, one thing that he would never ask you to do. Keep calm, relax and have no fear I am the chick that will.
       Trust me I don't want him to leave you, I'm in no way trying to steal him away and frankly he probably lied to me and told me he was single, which I found out that most of these guys I've encountered have. I'm just a single girl looking for fun, adventure and new sexual things to explore. The more I dove into this "lifestyle" the more I began to enjoy it. I am not ashamed of embracing my inner slut. I have become more empowered as a strong independant woman. I now see the black, white and grey areas of life. Yes I am taking a risk with my body, my health and my reputation but I am free. I'M A FREE SLUT. I found that most women are not free sexually, don’t communicate and/or listen to their men. Maybe he’s afraid that you will judge him if he asks for something that’s not the norm, or that he could never look at you the same if indeed you did something wild and out of sorts sexually. Whatever the case may be the Side Chick fulfills all those needs.
      First off, I would like to make clear that this is not something that I am putting out there stating that men should cheat, that women should look the other way and let their men do whatever he wants. Nor do I think this lifestyle is for everyone. I want to share my journey with others, educated and make people aware that life is not so cut and dry, that sometimes needs need to be met but just not by you. I learned when I thought I was in a committed relationship that there were things that I could not accomplish for my partner, things that I was not willing and open to do. He found someone who would do it for him by cheating on me. Yes I was furious when I found out. I was hurt and felt disgusted. Let me make this one thing clear I never blamed her, never had I went after her in anger. He was at fault and so was I. He never communicated with me about these desires and I was open to fulfilling his all his needs. I expected I expected him to be the man of my dreams but I was not willing to be the dirty nasty slut of his fantasies.
      This is my story the good, the bad, the ugly and the erotic. I apologize for nothing that I have done. I make no excuses either. I embrace everything that I am. I am sensual, wild, adventrous and naughty. I am a goddess to some, a dirty nasty slut to others. Some call me their adorable little girl, their mistress, a obedient slave. Whatever the fantasy I am your girl. I am submissive to some and dominate to others, a fun play partner that is always eager for more. I don't judge and keep an open mind. I let these men be themselves and help them explore their deepest darkest fantasies. I have finally found something that relationship that truly makes me happy. These are my confessions of being a side chick.

9 thoughts on “Confessions of a Side Chick”

  1. Can we hook up??? @_@
    I’m 28, 6′, athletic, white amd endowed.
    Promise you’ll like what you see.
    How is the best way to hit you up. Found you on Baddoo lol


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