“Mr. 50 Shades”

He messaged me the location of his hotel room and told me to message him when I arrive. The drive there my mind was racing with thoughts of our last encounter. He is a very dominate guy, who likes to take complete control from start to finish. He enjoyed the fact that I was always such a good submissive. He would come over to my place, make me strip down and sit in submissive poses as he played and teased me. I knew tonight would be no different. When I pull up to the hotel room I message him that I have arrive. He sends the following message.

I will open the door so you may enter the building , you will follow me without saying a word, you will follow me into the room. You will walk to where the tv is, face it, and begin to strip naked. . You will keep your eyes down until I say you can make eye contact. At that point you will simply follow my instructions. If you do well, I will not own on you and you will be fucked. Or at least toyed and made to cum. Understood?

I replied with a simple “Yes Sir”. I get out of my car and walk to the glass door and wait patiently for Mr. 50 Shades to arrive. It felt like forever for him to appear, my hands folded in front of me and my eyes peering down. I see a figure walk towards me and I slightly raise my eyes. He’s taking long strides towards me, his arms at his sides, chin up and has a devilish grin on his face. We make eye contact and I quickly look back down. He unlocks the glass door and let’s me into the building. I follow behind him to the room, like instructed. He opens the door to his hotel room and motions for me to walk in first. I enter the room. All the lights are off except for a bedside lamp. I walk up to the dresser where the tv is at. To my surprise there are various different toys all laid out. My heart starts to beat a little faster and my breathing as well. I’m a little scared and excited at the same time. I start to undress slowly, never losing contact with the dresser. There’s hand and ankle cuffs, nipple clamps, rope, a whip and a tie. He has certainly upped his game. I’m naked now and I hear him move a chair from the left side of the room to directly behind me and he sits on it. He commands me to lay my hands flat on the dresser and spread my legs apart. I do as I’m told. “Wider!” He commands and I spread my legs accordingly. I can feel him gazing upon every inch of my body. I hear him stand up and move closer to me. The touch of his fingertips running up my inner thighs startles me. He leans forward and whispers in my ear ” don’t move or make a sound, take it like a good girl.” He runs his fingers all the way up and around to my ass, which he gives a tight squeeze then a hard stinging smack. I close my eyes tight and bite my lower lip. His fingers move from my ass and trace my curves. I feel my pussy start to pulse and wetness spills out. His fingers are at my shoulders and he starts to massage my neck. It feels so good that I let out a soft moan. He pulls my hair back and moves his hands down to my hands and grips my wrist tightly. He extends my arms straight out and cups my breasts. He pushes his naked body into mine while he squeezes my breasts tightly then pinches my nipples hard. I squint from the pain. He releases my nipples and turn me around. He reaches behind me and grabs the tie and covers my eyes with it. When he has the tie securely fastened he takes my hand and pulls me forward. He walks behind me and gives my ass another hard smack. I hear him grab a few more items from the dresser and make his way to the front of me. I feel cold steel being clamped onto my nipples. The pressure of the nipple clamps makes my heart beat faster and my breathing becomes heavier. He tells me to keep my hands at my side, “Yes Sir” I softly say. I feel the leather of the whip kissing my skin, starting at my shoulders onto my breasts then across my stomach down my thighs and finally at my trobbing wet pussy. He gives my pussy a stinging kiss with the whip. My body jerks but I make no sound. Another kiss with the whip he gives my pussy. “Such a good girl, now put your hands behind your back. ” I do add I’m told. He let’s the whip caress my thigh and drags it to my ass as he moves behind me. The whip kisses my ass hard and I let out a crying moan. I hear him grab another item, handcuffs. He places them on my wrists and whips my hands. “That’s for making that noise, let’s not let that happen again,” I nod yes. He moves to the front side of me and gently grabs me by the throat and moves me forward. He sits in the chair and tells me to get on my knees and suck his cock. I drop down and lean forward searching for his cock with my lips. It doesn’t take me long to find it and I selfishly take his cock deep into my mouth. I suck him hard and fast. Giving him a sloppy wet blow. He takes a handful of my hair and pushes my head further into his groin. I choke and gag on his cock, never releasing him from my mouth. I feel his legs tense up as my lips move up and down his shaft. Harder and faster I suck his cock. His legs begin to shake. He pulls my head off his cock and pushes me onto my back. He kicks the chair back as he stands. I hear the tearing of a condom package and he puts it on. He gets on his knees, grabs my ankles and spreads my legs apart. I feel his weight on me as he stabs my juicy wet pussy with his cock. Deep and hard he pounds me. I start to moan. “Shhhh be a good girl, you can’t cum yet”. I fight the urge to cum, I want to cum badly. “No not yet, be a good girl”. He pounds me harder. “You’re such a good girl, should I let you cum?” “Yes Sir please,” I beg. He suddenly gets off me and grabs a vibrator off the bed. He turns it on full speed and rams it into me. “Now you may cum.” I explode all over the vibrator and moan loudly. My body is shaking and twitching with excitement. He pulls it out of me and stands over me. He pulls off the condom and cum all over my chest and face.


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