“The Spaniard”

After months of him chasing me I finally gave in. I’m really not into Hispanic/Latin men but the Spaniard had a certain sex appeal that I couldn’t deny. I gave him directions to my place and met him outside. I’m wearing a flesh colored reptile skin tight leggings and a tan tank top with no bra. He pulls up in a dark Honda and park. I walk over to the driver side door as he exits the car. He grins and extends his arms out for a hug, I endure him even though that’s just not my thing. His chest feels hard like a rock, his muscular arms grip tightly around my waist as his hands fondle my plump ass. “So shall we?” He asks. I push away from him gently and say “right this way.” I walk up the steps to the back deck and lead the way with a little extra bounce in my step. I can feel his gaze burning into my ass as he watches it bounce in the moonlight. He gives my booty a little smack and I turn and smile at him. “Oh you like that?” I said with a sultry smile. “Mmmhmmm can’t wait to see all of it,” he responded. We reach my sliding door and I open it, walk in and sit on my bed. I watch as he enters my room and closes the door behind him. He stands in front of me with a cocky smile and takes off his shoes. He makes himself home on my bed next to me, still with a cocky smile. “What are you smiling about?” I asked. “Oh nothing,” he smirks. The light from my lamp hits his hazel eyes perfectly and they sparkle. He put his hand on my thigh and rubs it. I move in closer ad give him a soft kiss on his full lips. His hand moves between my legs and he rubs my clit with the tip of his index finger. “Mmmmm, you’re already hot and wet,” he moans. He stands up and takes off his hoodie then his shirt. I move to the edge of my bed and run my nails from the top of his chest to his belly button. He well formed chest twitches a little but when I looked up he still had that smirk on his face. He pulls down his sweat pants and exposed his hard uncut slightly curved cock. I lick my lips with anticipation. I love uncut cock. I eagerly dove my lips around it resting my hands flat on his thick godlike thighs. He grabs the back of my head and pushes my head forcing his cock to go deeper down my throat. I suck harder as I move my lips up and down his cock. His legs tighten and I hear him moaning softly. Like a starving child I taste every inch of his cock and I feel my pussy throbbing and my wetness gushing out. He pulls my back off of him and pushes me onto my back. He swiftly takes off my leggings and climbs on the bed on top of me. He kisses me hard and passionately pinning my arms above me. I can feel his hard cock pressed against my wet pussy. He pulls off my top exposing my large breasts and takes my nipple into his mouth. He sucks it painfully hard and at that moment he stabs my pussy hard with his cock. My entire body goes into a shock of blissful explosion. I arch my back and let out a moan of ecstasy. Hard and deep he pounds my pussy gripping my hips for support. I wrap my legs around him and sink my nails into his back. He releases my nipple and kisses me again, harder this time. He’s fucking me so hard that I can’t control my moans. He then whispers in my ear, “your pussy is so wet and feels so good.” I come back with”Oh yea you like her?” “Yes I do”. He pushes off me and stands up. Hee intensely looks at every inch of my naked body, taking it all in then leans over and flips me to my belly. He raises my ass, spreads my legs and pushes my head down into the bed. He caresses my ass and gives it a stinging smack and I groan with excitement. He grabs a hold of my hips and proceeds to fuck me even harder than before. I grab tightly to my bed sheets and bite down on them all the while moaning. He asks me “whose your daddy?” And I couldn’t help myself but say “you are” ” that’s right I’m your daddy”. He slows down his thrusting but I don’t want him to stop so I back my ass up on this cock. “That’s my girl, fuck your daddy’s cock” he tells me. Those words turned me on and faster I push up on his cock. He gives my ass a few more smacks that sends an electrical shock throughout my body. He pulls out and hops in the bed. ” show your daddy how you ride his cock. ” I smile and don’t hesitate. I get on top of him and insert his wet cock into my pussy. I place my hands on to the wall behind him to brace myself and ride him hard. I move back and forth on his cock feeling him deep inside me. He grabs both of my breasts and takes turns sucking each nipple. I start to bounce on his cock and I can’t take it anymore. I explode all over his cock. I jump off and lick every inch of my wetness off his cock. “Get on backwards,” he commands. I do so without question. I start off slow, as my legs are weak from cumming so hard. He pushes his pelvis up so his cock can go deeper inside me. I increase my speed and he grabs my ankles and pushes harder inside me. I hear his breathing getting more intense and he pulls out his cock and shoots his load on my ass.


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